Mumbai is a city where both modern and traditional lifestyles exist. Tower of Silence, is a place located in the city of Mumbai which was built in 1672, by Seth Moti Hirji. The Tower of Silence is locally called Doongerwadi or Dakhma. It is the place where the Parsi community performs their last rites for the dead. Parsi is a small community that believes the dead attains salvation through the birds of prey, in the Tower of Silence. The monument is unique and consists of a mysterical structure located deep inside a 54-acre forest. The area is restricted for the visitors and tourists. It has a circular three row structure where, the outer row is for men, central row for women and the innermost for the children. The towers are uniform in their construction.

The people called Zoroastrains where, first migrated to India during 10th century AD and has been a important community. The Mumbai city has the largest number of Parsi community. However, the population of the scavenger birds have been decreasing and due to this cause the natural process of decomposition is being delayed. Tower of Silence is listed as one of the haunted places in Mumbai. As India is said to be a country of superstitious beliefs, people always believe the burial grounds to be haunted. It is not sure that the people still follow the custom has there has been a decrease in the vulture population. Tower of Silence is one of the oldest sites no India and has considered as a unique custom.