Kerala, the God’s own country known the land of coconut trees and backwaters. It is one of the cleanest state of India and also has the highest female to male ratio of 1084 females per 1000 males. The state of Kerala consumes about 20% of the country’s gold and it has the highest literacy rate in India of 93%. Herbs with medical properties are found in abundance and it is known as the spice coast of India. Kerala is the home to majority of the wildlife sanctuaries, some rarest wetlands it also has the world’s oldest teak trees.

Adding to the natural splendour we have a small village in Kerala , India known as Kodinhi, which is noted for its strange phenomenon of having most number of twins births. The women of this village seem to be able to give birth only for twins. The families into which the girls of the village get married also found to deliver twins. Some cases the couples also had two or more occasions of having twins. Average twin birth International ratio is 6:1000 where the ratio stands 42:1000 in this village. There is also a considerable increase in the number of twins being born every passing year, and the incident of delivering twins began three generations back.

The village has a population of around 11,000 in which there exists 550 twins. The reason for this uniqueness is not being exactly found. In 2016, Researches from various countries visited the village and tried to figure out the answers for this unique existence. They studied about the DNA by collecting their saliva and hair sample. The local people say that it might be because of their diet. The reasons can also be due to the genetics, or the tapioca which the people live there consume more. Some say that it could be the water the people drink or the air, but the phenomenon is yet to get a scientific explanation.


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