The Great Indian Architecture

The Thanjavur Big Temple known as  Brihadeeswara temple, Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful architecture and uniqueness. The whole construction of the temple is left an unsolved mystery.

The temple was built by Arulmozhivarman known as King Raja Raja Chola I in 11th century, the temple is over 1000 years old. It symbolozes heritage and culture of Tamil Nadu. The name of the main deity was originally RajaRajeswar later, the Marathas gave it the name Brihadeeswara. More than 1,30,000 ntons of granite has been used to build the temple.

The height of the temple tower is 216 foot and it contains a stone which weighs 80 tons at the top of it. The most significant part of the temple is the cap at the tower. It is being a mystery it date that how did the people manage to take the 80 tons weighing stone at the top. The tower is constructed in such a way that it has a hollow interior above the Shiva Linga inside the temple. The Shiva Lingam which is the main deity is over 12 feet tall. The Lingam is said to generate a large amount of electromagnetic energy and the single granite stone at the top of the tower acts as a repulsive force that spreads the energy to the inner areas and prevents it to be sustained inside the temple.

Some researchers say, they would have used the elephants to get the stone to the top using wooden block rolls. However, the construction and cutting of granite stones is being a tedious process even today. The Cholas have made it possible without any modern methods or mechanism. There are some musical pillars producing different sounds when tapped. Most of the cravings and statues of the temple are made up of single stone.

The temple is famous for its uniqueness as among the greatest glories of the Indian architecture. The temple is standing as one of the best treasures of India and also a unique existence for its incredible architecture.