Roopkund is a small glacial lake situated at Chamoli district Uttarkhand  at  around 16000ft on the Himalayas and famously known as the Skeleton lake. This lake contains scattered human bones and skeleton remains all around it which makes this place mysterious. It is a famous trekking spot in India. The lake is around 2 meters deep and attracts several trekkers as the beautiful meadows and virgin forest gives a great adventure. Scientists researched on the abnormal existence of bones and remains say, that they are the skeletons of people of 9 th century who would have been dead in a Himalayan storm. There is no evidence that they were infected by bacterial disease or died in an epidemic.

From the DNA samples the researchers have got to know that the people died at RoopKund were of South Asian ancestry and further research connect with 14 individuals having the genetic ancestry of Mediterranean group. Radio carbon dating– method of determining the age of an organic material indicates that the remains were not deposited simultaneously. However, both the South Asian and Mediterranean people follow different diets and the reason for different communities existence at the same place is being an unanswerable question. RoopKund skeletons belong to three genetically distinct groups that were depicted during multiple events. These events suggest that RoopKund lake was not just a site of local interest but also had visitors across the world.

Pilgrims attend the Nanda Devi Raj Jat which is a festival worshipping Goddess Nanda Devi every twelve years. There is also a talk that the Nanda Devi pilgrimage was popular over the Mediterranean people back from  the 7 th century. Himalayas itself has a special significance for its faiths and it is one of the youngest mountain ranges on the planet. Like, RoopKund there are many unsolved mysteries hidden inside this beautiful creation.


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