Mount Kailash is located in a disputed area of three countries, India, Tibet and China. Currently it is owned by the Chinese government. Mount Kailash is one of the peaks of Kailash ranges that spreads across India and Tibet. Its altitude is about 6,656 metres which is lower than Mt. Everest. It has been a mystery for ages that why this mountain is being unclimbable where the explorers can reach the top of Mt. Everest which is the highest peak on Earth. There has been various beliefs and climbs about the strange mountain which consists of unsolved questions. The place is considered has holy by three religions namely, The Hindus, Buddhist and Jains. They believe that it is The Gateway for Heaven. The government of India, China and Tibet have banned the climbing of the mountain has it is considered sacred and also dangerous.

Kailash mountain is considered as the centre of the universe and it is also connected to the energy of various other historic monuments such as Stonehenge and poles of the Earth. Many scientists believe that the Mt. Kailash is not a natural mountain but a man-made pyramid. The entire peak stand distinct from its nearby ranges and has a appearance of a pyramid. A Russian scientist claimed that he heard weird sounds like heavy stone falling and it came from the centre of the mountain which is strange and unbelievable, during a research.

Some strange factors about the mountain are the people tried to climb the mountain have not returned and they could not reach to peak due to certain strange beliefs like the mountain has the control over time and people get age quickly. It is said that people spending 12 hours in the mountain experience enormous growth of hair and nail which is equivalent to 2 weeks of normal time.