Ladakh has a great importance since ancient times, and it is one of the regions of Jammu and Kashmir situated on the North most point of India. Ladakh is rich in natural resources like solar radiations and geothermal potential. The presence of these resources is that which makes India, China, Pakistan to acquire control over Ladakh.

The existence of one of the strange wonder in Leh-Kargil-Baltic National highway located at an altitude of 14,000 feet, in the Trans- Himalayan region. The place is known with different names such as, The Magnetic Hill, Gravity hill. This small stretch is located about 30km from Leh City, Ladakh

The significance of this hill is that it attracts the vehicles upwards when left in a neutral with engine off. Many reasons are predicted for the upward movement caused by the hill. The scientific theory says that the hill posses a strong magnetic field which makes the vehicles move towards it.

 On another view, it is said that it could be because of the optical illusion, which further explain that the mountain does not possess any magnetic field, instead it  just creates an optical illusion showing the road going uphill but actually it goes downhill, so this theory does not go opposite to nature.

The magnetic hill in Ladakh is a place that attracts tourists and travellers to stop by and experience the strange phenomenon. This unique existence also has a myth believed by the local people, that it is a pathway to the heaven and the hill possess a supernatural power. Ladakh is a place a place known for its mysteries and adventure.