Diamonds was first discovered by Indians in 4th century. India was the only place where diamonds were found. Until, it was discovered by the Brazil in 1720’s. Earlier, people of India believed that the diamonds were produced by the lightning from the sky. But they were not aware of the fact, that the rainstorms washes away the top soil that made the diamonds visible.

The diamonds where named as ‘Vajara’ in Sanskrit which means thunderbolt. Diamonds are naturally found only in alluvial deposits along the rivers of Southern India. The ancient Indian society had a separate profession called “Mandalins” which are the diamond experts.

Diamonds were learned and valued for their ability to refract light and for their strength. They were worn as adornments, used as cutting tools and also were believed to provide protection in battle. The diamond mines in India were in the Golconda region. Golconda diamonds had a rare seen quality that signifies them from other areas. They have a special whiteness which is described as soft and pure. One of the well-known diamonds of India are the Kohinoor diamond, which has the greatest heritage of being the largest diamond weighing 21.6 grams in its recent cut state, Kohinoor was mined in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It was originally owned by Kakatiya Kings and was snatched by the British and now being a part of the British crown jewels. India has the largest diamond polishing industry in the world, 92 percent of world’s diamonds are cut and polished in India. The Surat, city in Gujarat plays a major role in polishing.