The Signifance of River Ganges

River Ganges is one of the longest rivers in India. It is 2704 kms long and it has been held sacred for its purity and contains  incredible unique properties.

Significance Of Twin Town

Kerala, the God’s own country known the land of coconut trees and backwaters. It is one of the cleanest state of India.

Significance Of Skeleton Lake

Roopkund is a small glacial lake situated at Chamoli district Uttarkhand at  around 16000ft on the Himalayas and famously known as the Skeleton lake.

Magnetic Hill

Ladakh has a great importance since ancient times, and it is one of the regions of Jammu and Kashmir situated on the North most point of India.

The Greater One horned Rhino 

The greater one horned rhino is one among the rhinoceros family found in areas of Nepal, India. They are also known as  ‘Indian Rhino’ 

Indus valley the oldest civilization

The Indus valley civilization is said to be the earliest civilizations in India and in the world.

The Great Indian Architecture

Thanjavur Big Temple known as Brihadeeswara temple , Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful architecture and uniqueness. The whole construction of the temple is left an unsolved mystery.

First Place To Mine Diamonds

Diamonds was first discovered by Indians in 4th century. India was the only place where diamonds were found. Until, it was discovered by the Brazil in 1720’s. Earlier, people of India